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In order to help the students in need, Igoclass Pvt. Ltd. came up with an idea of developing an online search engine, pertaining to education, which was beneficial for both, the students as well as the teachers. Seeking the technical assistance Igoclass, based at Ghaziabad, approached Spikeway for a solution. Hence Spikeway designed and developed a dynamic, feature-rich, easy-to-use web portal for them.
The portal is fully featured with a proper logical, verified and systematic listings of capable teachers, coaching institutes and other educational organizations. The dynamic search engine is now gaining a massive success.
With the combined efforts of Igoclass and Spikeway, students can now choose from the variety of classes & best teachers available in their locality.


Igoclass had a brilliant cause and purpose but to convert that dream into a reality they required a vast technical knowhow, they displayed desire and trust in Spikeway to take on this responsibility.
As there was no such local and existing system, Igoclass was the first one to give it a go. They required an assistance of a sound web design a development company. They headed straight to Spikeway to seek help. With some brain-storming, a dedicated search engine was designated to be designed with strong logical planning and structuring.
The main objectives discussed were:

No such local search platform existed

Working on a new concept is like being on thin ice. The real challenge was to design and develop a search platform which was technically feasible and commercially cost-effective.

Make it easy for students and save their time

A three-point concept was derived a) Explore b) Compare c) Book or enquire. Students could search a class as per their requirements in a preferred area, compare with others and finally book or enquire online.

To achieve a win-win situation

To achieve a win-win situation
Here was the opportunity to make the best of it. Teacher/home tutors/coaching classes and institutes got an equal opportunity to be viewed and compared by the students thus increasing the lead generation.

Verified listings

Document based verification was of high importance in order to avoid fake and unsolicited results and to strengthen student-teacher relationship.

Local Search parameters

Working out on the search based on local parameters, logic and structural aspect of the search engine were of the utmost importance.

Proper categorization of subjects & interests

Meticulous categorization was a time consuming process but once achieved, it would have helped easy to navigate the website saving lot of precious time of the users.


A well-developed local search platform pertaining to students and teachers was delivered to Igoclass. Scalable facilities and features were implemented using WordPress and other technologies. Full profile listing of coaching centers/online tutors/home tutors and other teachers were provided with the benefit of adding free listings for the educational individual and organizations. All the listings had a document based verification process as well..

Listed below are the solutions delivered:

  • Tutor Profile Management
  • Lessen or eradicate the manual process wherever applicable
  • Real-time Booking Notification
  • Online billing/invoicing
  • Secured online payment system
  • Real Time categories Search
  • Booking calender Integration

Cloud integration

Cloud integration is the process of configuring multiple application programs to share data in the cloud. In a system that unites cloud integration, miscellaneous applications interconnect either directly or through intermediary software.

Lead management system for teachers

A high gain lead management system for teachers was also implemented to grow their popularity and reach to the students

Personalized and verified tutor and coaching institute listings

A facility of adding free but verified listings of teachers/home tutors/coaching classes and other institutes was provided

Categorization of subjects/courses/locations

With dependent form fields a thorough categorization was provided to help student find a right and qualified teacher.

Real time SMS notification

A real time SMS notification integration was implemented to enable the teacher/institutes to send important messages directly to the students.


Starting with just an idea, Igoclass has now become the most awesome tutor classified sites in India. More and more students are taking advantage from Igoclass as it has become the easiest way to find best tutor for developing their career in a cost effective manner.
On the other hand more and more teachers/home tutors and educational organizations are adding up in the listing as they are saving on marketing cost etc. and reaching a huge amount of students easily.

Constant improvements are observed in:

Simple looking fully functional web search platform

Igoclass.com is now a simple interfaced design which is self-explanatory and fully functional web search platform running successfully.

Gaining popularity rapidly

Igoclass is gaining popularity exponentially with students as well as the teachers as it is equally beneficial for both.

Helping student all across India

Igoclass has become a great help for student to find right and professional teacher across many locations in India.

Growing by itself

Being a dynamic and well-executed search engine for a particular cause with reason, Igoclass is on automatic and constant rise in terms of the number of people subscribing/joining it.



Spikeway Team assigns a dedicated business analysis to understand the requirement and core objective in details before giving any solution. We like their friendly gesture and highly recommend them for future projects.

Dr. Sachin founder at igoclass – igoclass.com