MEAN based application development


Spikeway has deep expertise in MEAN based application to develop scalable, robust and high performance web and mobile application with out the box user experience.


Our team of world best class talented MEAN stack developers create customized hybrid app according to the business need.


Spikeway excel for the development of the backend system that integrate with various source of data. We provide solution in IOT Backend development using MEAN srack.

Saas Application Development

We can help connect all your business applications as well as data storage to create a more seamless enterprise ecosystem, and a beautiful,highly robust,scalable SAAS application with MEAN stack.


SPIKEWAY provide affordable & reliable post-delivered MEAN-based application support and maintenance services, ensuring that the framework and your web application or hybrid mobile application will remain up-to-date & keeping your solution stable and secure 24/7.


MEAN is not a single technology. MEAN holds entire cutting edge platform within it.


MEAN stack works on V8 engine of javascript. All the browser execute the js code very faster that increase the performance.Javascipt is monther of MEAN stack.

Security architecture

MEAN provide all level of security into it. MEAN can handle of million on transaction with highly secure manner. That the beauty of mean Stack.

Open source framework

MEAN stack combined all the open source technologies. You don't need to spent single penny for license renewal.A large community support MEAN stack.

Cloud Integration

MEAN can easily integrate with all type of cloud platform like public cloud, private or hybrid cloud.


MEAN stack is powered by NODE.js as backend and mongodb as noSQL database. That gives mean stack high level of scalability.

Single page web applications

In 21st centuries, no body want a website with lots of pages and lots of refresh time to server the site.Build, test, and maintain web applications easily with SPA.

Better and faster performance

Due to non blocking and event driven architecture of Node.js , that give highly optimize response and continuous non-blocking operation with faster performance.


Mean can easily integrate with mongodb no SQL database. Now it very easy to store data in JSON like format rather in lots of relational schema.

Why choose Spikeway

Full cycle services

Spikeway’s web management services ensure complete assistance — from the rigorous scrutiny of your webpage to an ever active maintenance team. We ease the pressure off you by reducing IT costs and getting the job done.

Seasoned team

Our staff specializes in every section of web maintenance which makes it easy for us to solve even the most complex and unique set of problems.

Budget Flexibility

We believe in providing excellent support and maintenance services for every budget. That is why we have an array of budget options for our services from which you can choose the most optimal one.

Out of the box technology expertise

To maintain our reputation as the best web development company, our staff is always up to date with new age revolutionary technology and its potential, which ensures durability and coherence in relation to industry standards.