My Dental Stock ( is a credible business name in the world of dentistry providing medical professionals with technically approved dental products at reasonable prices. Located in Mumbai, India, My Dental Stock (MDS) offers a complete line of quality instruments designed to meet the requirement of modern dental practice. MDS’s existing product line includes high-quality endodontic supplies, orthodontic supplies, dental materials, dental instruments and equipments, infection control and disposable items, gifts and educating models to meet the high demand in the field of clinical and therapeutic dentistry. Observing the low online presence for dental products, My Dental Stock decided and requested Spikeway to obtain a visible online presence with an appropriate B2B e-commerce system.



Although My Dental Stock had great products to sell, having no online/internet presence was the biggest hindrance as it limited their sales and reach in the highly competitive digital world. In order to beat the competition and spread their business globally to the related audience, the building of an online B2B ecommerce system was absolutely necessary. Besides increasing the online business and market space for selling it was essential for My Dental Store to cope up with the daily and awkward tasks of maintaining the inventory, real-time tracking of inventory, billing, payments plus the quality Assurance (QA). To complement their ability and to make the organizational processes and functionalities more congenial MDS hired Spikeway for the digital restructuring of their e-business model and to improve the efficiency with performance.

B2B e-commerce portal

A dedicated B2B e-commerce portal was the utmost requirement to ensure online presence to increase customer reach and sales.

Digitalization of existing system

Manual process was implemented to run the business. Digitalization/computerization was required to save time, enhance efficiency and increase performance.

Inventory maintenance, product categorizing

It was painstaking and burdensome for MDS to categorize the products. It was more prone to errors and faults. Hence a digitalized full-bodied inventory management system was required.

Real time inventory tracking

In this fast-paced digital world, it was important for the company to have an online, real time tracking system for maintaining and streamlining the inventory.

Online secured billing/invoicing

Manual billing/invoice is time-consuming plus susceptible to mistakes. Computer generated billing/invoicing was the basic necessity to avoid such inefficiencies.

Secured online payment system

Payments with record-keeping is perplexing. Proper selection of online payment gateway and its integration with multiple currencies was imperative.


With their existing ongoing business perceptions and processes, Spikeway instigated to develop a website which was dynamic in nature. With proper analysis of their current and traditional way of doing business, Spikeway wire framed a methodical and digitalized system to reduce their overall burden and increase performance.
Spikeway proceeded with the development of a Magento based online B2B system for MDS. An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system XERO was cohesively integrated with Magento. A marketplace, which could accommodate more than single vendor was also provided as a prime feature.

Visible online presence

Spikeway did the design, development and launching of a SEO friendly website which was easy to navigate with proper tagging.

Dynamic website with classification of products

We provided MDS with a dynamic website and with the facility of CMS (Content Management System) for proper listing, uploading and categorizing of all their products.

Multivendor B2C portal

Implementation of a direct multivendor panel integration so that the vendors could sell their products through MDS’s website was advised and implemented

Marketplace feature

An online B2C e-commerce solution that allows one or more vendors to sell products directly was also developed.

Integration of XERO

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for better and perfect insights of the business and to achieve business goals was integrated with Xero, a world famous ERP Software.

Payment Gateway

Best payment gateway integration with facilities like multiple currency payments, record
keeping etc. with latest security measures was integrated to overcome the clients’ payment receiving issues.


Spikeway understood the basic requirements and delivered a well-thought-out time-bound solution to My Dental Stock. After launching the well-designed dynamic B2B e-commerce solution the client is now having a noticeable web presence, increased efficiency with better business insights.

My Dental Stock gained the following from the solutions provided by Spikeway

Increased number of Customers

The number of customers increased many folds as now they have an online and wide-spread reach globally

Inventory management with real-time tracking

This helped MDS immensely in keeping inventory updated with accurate records and minimum efforts.

Full force performance and efficiency

With facilities like ERP, CMS and online inventory management the company is now working with maximum capacity.

Increased business insights

Integration of Xero software helped the client to get better insights of their business such that they could take major business decision quickly and effectively.

Reduced operation cost

With the majority of the work been computerized a noticeable reduction in cost is observed and appreciated by the client.

Online presence

My Dental Stock has now a web presence with a full-fledged dynamic B2B e-commerce website running smoothly.