Spikeway is helping companies around the world to become intuitively digital and unlock new opportunities with the cloud. With us by your side, you can easily migrate workloads to the cloud and modernize your applications while still maintaining a secure environment.

Requirement specification

We provide the SRS contains the scope of work, project planning, pseudo coding, manpower requirements, execution plan etc. It also talks about system qualities like usability, performance, and security.


The document we provide is feasible, well considered and ensuring high performance. We weed out anything that is overly expensive or infeasible to get you design most suited for your requirements and under your budget.

UX/UI prototyping

We create mockups to allow you to experiment with different types of user interaction and in turn optimize your project’s usability. Interactive UI and wireframe prototypes with screen elements and navigation structure.

Working prototype

We use a production like operating environment and production tools to create a fully functional working prototype to clarify, validate, and assess the accuracy of the elicited requirements.

The process we follow at Spikeway

Spikeway helps you in introducing new systems into existing IT landscapes and at the same time train your staff to establish a requirement engineering discipline in your company

Why choose requirements engineering with Spikeway

Successful IT projects

When you lay down a requirement engineering discipline with Spikeway in your organization and train your staff accordingly, you are able to achieve more successful IT projects with reduced costs throughout the entire lifecycle of your project.

Experienced team

Our team has handled requirements engineering for a number of enterprises and small companies which equip them to always deliver well-documented, structured, and complete deliverables, no matter how fragmented your business requirements may be.

Efficient implementation

By taking your detailed requirements into consideration, we are able to easily translate software requirements into highly functional and feasible solutions.

Agile project approach

At Spikeway, we handle projects in an agile manner and provide you with incremental deliveries in portions so that you are always in the loop.